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Project: Space Box

Space Box postmortem

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I think as I play my game what I like about it is a sense of almost panic trying to do stuff such as place the wall building or get upgrades or do whatever once the waves have become more difficult. There's  a small amount of time between when an asteroid appears and when it will cause havoc on the buildings or spaceship. Successfully placing either a block or building or getting an asteroid destroyed successfully can lead to a temporary sigh of relief. Eventually at some point when the asteroids are overwhelming, it's like, OK, I tried. One thing I didn't get a lot of time to solve, if it is even necessary, is how to make the game seem to continue to progress without necessarily being overwhelmed at some point, though that also leads to a feeling of stagnation.  I was often wondering, should I add this additional feature, etc, but then I would think: is that necessary? Will it make the game longer, shorter, more or less boring, etc, and so I ended up really without all that many features.  

On a programming side, one thing I learned was that a really bad constructor convention is as follows:

class A{
	int a, b, c;
	A( int a, int b, int c)


This convention lead to a rather hard to spot error as follows, which was not found with a static analyzer i was using:

class A{
	int myvariabl1, myvariable2, myvariable3;

	A( int myvariable1, int myvariable2, int myvariable3)
		: myvariabl1(myvariabl1)
		, myvariable2(myvariable2)
		, myvariable3(myvariable3)


Where myvariable1 was misspelled as myvariabl1 and initialized to its random self. 

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Space box certainly does the sense of panic well!! Having the combination of placing the towers and having the ship you can control makes you have to juggle all the tasks! :)

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