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Clearwater was out of office. Sprint 26 + 27.



Sprint no. 27 is here, and we skipped the sprint 26 on gamedev.net in June as the #WORDSproductions team members sent me a lot of vacation requests over the last few weeks (and I was on holiday, too 😉), so that we could not complete as much items from the sprints as we initially wanted, but we opened up a lot of nice issues either way. Take a look!

First, the concept art of the next game scene is finished. The scene we want to recreate after Clearwater's apartement scene has been completed.
It looks nice. It's a scene from the book BIZARRE Episode I.


Furthermore, we continued texturing the houses of the world-outside-Charlys-apartement-window. We haven’t finished it yet, as it became a little game environment already, with many houses, with streets, street lamps, fences, and so on. We use a nice texturing software and began painting the bricks or the colored cement onto the houses exterior walls. Bit by bit, one by one. We use textures, we photographed in our neighborhood, or we’ve found by accident anywhere in the world.




We continued programming Clearwater’s shooting behavior. We implemented some basic shooting mechanics in the player controller using c++. The player is now able to pull his gun which triggers the correct state transition causing the associated animation to play. The logic to control the shooting animation blueprint and aim offset, letting Charly aim at the target he is shooting at, is now in place.



We did improve main-character Charly Clearwater’s appearance again, by adapting vertices and textures and light. But, obviously, we won’t stop improving his appearance and behavior until the finished game is published one day, and after that, we’ll permanently upload updates including some nice main-character improvements. 😄


Next, we started modelling Charly Clearwater’s facial animations. As I said, during the colored woman video, we’d published on Halloween last year, the facial animations could not be imported in UE4 caused by a mean Bug. But now I ate the Bug, and the animations can be imported now without any errors. We need some facial expressions for the planned video, but also for some 4k pics of Clearwater, we want to render later on. He’s now able to smile. To be continued…

I continued writing the book BIZARRE Epsiode I. It works fluently. No Bugs, no thinking barriers. I’ll keep writing.


Our plans for the current sprint 27 are:

We'll continue painting walls and modelling houses, trees etc.

We'll continue programming Clearwater’s shooting animation and behavior. We need to adjust his pull-the-gun-and-shoot animation. We need to make him look hot and unaffected while killing.

We'll continue modelling some relevant facial expressions and import them correctly in UE4, hopefully. Test them. Adapt them. Until they look flawless.

We want to shoot a status report video, in which I talk about our successes of the last year and our targets for the next year. In May 2017, the BIZARRE Game project was born and one year after, I pass the year in review. It’s planned to include English subtitles. It is also planned to publish this video in July on YouTube. I’ll post it here, too.

Yeah, some props must be done, too. Stuff for the kitchen, some books, a couch. Peanuts.

Did I miss something?

I think that’s enough.





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