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Project: One Day

Project One Day - Update #2

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At this point I'm finding the in game editor that I've put together to be fairly functional. I have save and load functionality that works as would be expected for the player and a save function that I can use to setup a level's initial state. I didn't want to go with using tiles for walls so there were a couple additional challenges to getting the wall corners to match up together properly while making sure that player can slide along them without getting snagged or trapped. I'm setup to be able to add whatever I need to create conversations and have the characters move as the result of player interactions. But the one thing I think that's bugging me is the complete lack of any furniture or interior items. So the plan for the next while is to do some graphics work to try and furnish this house somewhat before going forward with creating any dialogue or story. Perhaps with some items in the house it'll provide inspiration for how to build the story. I also need to do some work on the characters, particularly what would look right for a pregnant character (you wouldn't know that babies are on the way from the current sprites). With the graphics all being programmer art, I'll be happy if I can just maintain a consistent style.

2018-07-13 House.png

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It's a custom home-brew engine that I've been working on for way too long. I think some of the original code (animation related) goes back to 2001. Although I haven't really thought of it as an "engine" until maybe 2 years ago when I started trying to turn the bits of code I had into something easier to reuse for new projects.

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