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And More Robots ...

Jon Alma


Not a lot of time this week, but managed to work on two elements of the game.  First off I've been busy creating a few more friendly robots including Gyro, shown below.


This will be one of the robots controllable by the player capable of flying for short distances.  With islands and tall towers featuring heavily in the level design this will open up the possibility to have a variety of puzzles where the player will need to swap around from robot to robot to advance - Gyro will be able to, as long as there is enough fuel left, fly from tower to tower or to other islands to collect items normally out of reach.  In addition I've nearly completed another robot, this time with a few interchangeable elements so the robot can appear several times as villagers and so on.

The second area I worked on was adding additional sections to the game map - nothing too exciting as it mainly involved adding scenery between puzzle / action zones.  However I have also started on a multi step puzzle linking the start zone to more advanced zones.


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I really like your robots and the art style, reminds me of borderlands! :) 

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11 hours ago, Rutin said:

I really like your robots and the art style, reminds me of borderlands! :) 

Glad you like them - it took a while to get a look for the characters that fitted in with the art style being used for the wider world, but I think I've got it now.  As for the comparison with Borderlands, I hadn't noticed that before (mainly because I've never quite got round to playing the game) ... but it's true there is a similarity.  In part this is probably due to the black borders on all objects (although I actually got this idea from Hob with this game really influencing the art style).  And looking at the texturing / colouring there are also a few similarities to Borderlands.  However, the gameplay experience should be a little different ;)

Next step is to get the robot flying ... could be 'fun' as that will firstly involve combining joint based animation for the robot with rotating gyrocopter blades (rotating components are already implemented for static objects, but not for characters).  Second up will be testing the collision code for flying objects .. as the code was developed for ground movement this could be interesting ...

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