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Project: Tracked Mind

Unreal Second Entry - July 2018

Mikael Henriksson



This is the second entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'. I recently returned from vacation which is why this blog update is shorter than last time. I'm gathering my thoughts at the moment about how to plan what to do next, although I've already continued to work on the game :)

I have been focusing on animations for the AI and it takes a lot of time to get things right. Luckily there are new animations in the game since the animations that the AI had in the alpha footage are very "stiff" so I'm happy that I've got some new ones :)

I have also created a new level for the beginning of the game (it's in a rough state at the moment) but it's nice to build up the start of the game to test some ideas and to see how the pacing is. The movement of the main character is supposed to be slow but making it too slow will just be annoying. Those details are easy to fine tune along the way though :)

What's new since last post? Here are a few things:

General changes

  •  Added different sound effects for bullet and shell casings that are being ejected from the Player's weapon when firing. 
  • Added a new level.
  • The melee weapon system has been tweaked slightly, it's still a placeholder system.
  • Added new effects that occurs when the Stress meter is full.
  • Added light effects that appear when firing weapons.
  • Tweaked the bullet spread for the pistol and shotgun.
  • New music tracks added.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused physical objects to move in "unnatural" or illogical ways.
  • Other minor fixes.



  • Melee system is not working at certain distances.


Thanks for reading!

/Mikael Henriksson


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