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Project: Altos

New interaction - tree cutting. Log #6



To gather some wood you will have to cut down a tree (hatchet or axe required, do'h), cut trunk into chunks and then pick it up. From every trunk you get branches and logs. Each kind of tree or growth stage of the tree has different time needed to bring it down (also skill and an axe/hatchet type will affect the cutting time), also an amount of wood differentiate with size (resp. growth stage) and tree type and aspects as market price will depend on wood type. There will be areas and forests with rare/very rare trees, which wood will be much more valuable but also such areas will be difficult to reach.

Wood will be used for trading, further processing into planks (from logs) used for trading, or tools/weapons crafting. I am working on some king of "flora AI" where forests will keep themselves "alive", meaning that if number of trees will decrease, a forest automatically will seed new trees, which will slowly grow. Growth time will differ for tree types, growth speed will be adjusted later in balancing phase of development.

Here is a small demo of tree cutting. Please don't judge my silly cutting animation (or do, but only with constructive criticism) :) 

Physics will need a bit tweaking later, because sometimes trunk don't want to fall down, even when my colliders aren't flat on impact surfaces. The "row" looking thing when trunk is splitted is fixed now by adding some random rotation when instantianting models.

Please visit my Altos facebook page or devlog website.

See you in next log. Darthy.



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