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Project: Altos

New interaction - rock mining. Log #7



In previous log I could get some wood, now I can mine rocks. When holding a pickaxe, any rock can be mined into smaller stones. Different size of rock will give the player different sizes of stones - large, medium, small and diffenert amount. When mining is finished the rock will fall apart into several pieces which can the player pick up. Later I will add some minerals which will fall apart into mineral ores and stones.

Like wood, stones can be sold, further processed into stone blocks used for trading and for crafting. Mineral ores can be sold, or melted into bars and then used for trading or crafting. Amount of carried stones and woods will depend on character attributes and skills.

As usually, there is demo of rock mining. Again don't mind my silly mining animation :)

Removing stones from inventory is now limited. Removing whole stack of stones causes big stoney explosion O.o because all stones are after removing at one position and after enabling their physics they are like magnets repeling each other with enormous force, not sure how to avoid it (maybe time delay of each stone removal?)...

As you could notice my flora gone wild. I used Prefab painter asset from Unity asset store for few €, to apply my flora models, which are not pickable yet, but will be soon.

Please visit my Altos facebook page or devlog website.

See you in next log. Darthy.


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