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Project: Seas of Fortune

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #15 - Aim`n Fire - FX - Pistol - Pirate ship

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Trym Studios


seas of fortune7


Ahoy Captains!


Just a quick recap over what we have spent our time on this last month!


One of the very active 3D artist who also does historical reconstruction in 3D has made an amazing merchants pistol in two variants for us, it has been rigged and we are now soon thinking of starting the animation of this beauty! This artist also bought himself a sail boat the other day, he is a proper Captain now, congrats!









We have also spent some time on streams, fixing issues on the ship. So if you would like to follow that progress, you can do so here www.twitch.tv/trym_studios


Meanwhile I have been diving into the texture issues, Dibble has been working on our inventory and dialog prototype to get that ready and to our liking.







We have also worked on the VFX for the cannons for "The Dawn" as well as the hit effect when you defend yourself.



ezgif 4 7e060b5676



giphy 1






As in the previous update, we are redoing and adding some new animations. We felt some of the updates needed a better touch and feel to it as well.


ezgif 4 13ad53f2e4



Want more info, you can always check out www.seasoffortune.com


Now to another important part, summer vacations are coming up so for our backers, the next community build will probably be in beginning or mid September. There will be a change in the build in regards of the overall lighting and waves + some more goodies. Looking forward to the feedback for that.


However, to get the project going a bit faster, we are also looking for people to help out on the project, so if you have some C# and unity experience, please reach out if you find the project interesting at contact@seasoffortune.com


OHHHH and we starting working the pirate NPC ship. ;) A few updates down we will share some progress of that one!



All the best, and have a great summer!!


- Captain Tommy

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