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#2 - From traits to attributes



Since the big yearly professional cycling race (Le Tour de France) is being held at this moment, I wanted to work on my own Cycling Game. The first version of this game was launched about three weeks ago (link), but it still didn't feel finished.


The main reason is that there was not too much difference in the players. All players had just one strength value (determining their race strength) and two different traits (like being better in the mountains or when riding solo).


I wanted to try and change this by removing the traits and the single attribute and adding 14 new attributes. As of right now i have added the attributes mentioned below to the game. They don't actually do anything, that is the topic for the next update.


  • Climbing,
  • Composure,
  • Condition,
  • Descending,
  • Determination,
  • Flair,
  • GroupTechnique,
  • Luck,
  • Restoration,
  • SoloRiding,
  • Sprinting,
  • Stability,
  • Strength,
  • Tactics.


My next goal is to remove the traits (that is going to be a big change, since they are used almost everywhere in the code) and then start to add functionality to the different traits and see how the game will feel afterwards.


I will keep you posted!


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