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Challenge Recap: Tower Defense



The Tower Defense Challenge ended July 7. Here's a compilation of the awarded participants and their entries:

EddieK (@EddieK)

Topic: https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/697671-tower-defense-submittion/

Blog: https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/blog/2761-tower-defense-indie-game-dev-blog/

h8CplusplusGuru (@h8CplusplusGuru)

lawnjelly (@lawnjelly)


Rutin (@Rutin)

Blog: https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/entry/2265120-tower-defense-challenge-part-10-completed/

Topic: https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/697702-tower-def-challenge-submission/


Awoken ( @Awoken)

DexterZ101 (@DexterZ101)


All of the members above earned their Tower Defense badges.


@Finalspace didn't quite finish but did post a work in progress Project page: 



Congratulations to everyone who participated. I hope you learned a lot, had fun, and maybe a little bit of both!

The next challenge is coming soon. While the challenges so far have been focused on remaking old games or implementing a genre, the next challenge will venture into a new area for GameDev Challenges - sports.

Sports represent the purest form of game design balance. After all, the resulting winner of most sports contests result in the higher skilled, more strategic player(s) winning. The next challenge will be to implement the rules of the challenge's selected sport into a digital game. This could mean creating a game based on the sport, or it could mean designing a completely unrelated genre game that uses the sport's rules / game design mechanics for its own.

Keep an eye out for the announcement!


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The next challenge will be to implement the rules of the challenge's selected sport into a digital game.

Oo exciting. Might have to try Godot this time! :)

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Ah,,, that's the benefits of logging in ... to see the notification T __ T I didn't see that challenge coming : ((

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