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a BIZARRE Status Report 2018



It's damn hot in Germany! Isn't it the same for u?

Over the last four weeks, we've mainly sweated, but we managed to do some gamedev stuff, too! Now and then. 😉

First, we did a Status Report video, in which Charly Men talks about the achieved game successes of the last year as well as about all set targets till next year in July approx.

It’s a summary in which you can consume all important facts about the game in “only” 10 minutes.

We continued painting walls but that’s not new at all. It’s a tricky mission that will last weeks.

We also continued fine tuning Clearwaters shooting behavior. We modelled a gun. The gun that, shot by an unknown, will hit Clearwaters head in the first scene.
From then on, Clearwater will start receiving bizarre visions.

We modeled a one-handed shooting animation in which he is also walking, and we created a more accurate shooting animation holding the gun with both hands. We adapted his hands and fingers to the new gun and attached the weapon to his hand via envelopes.


We created some new facial animations for Clearwater, all relevant for the video. We want to make a drama out of the thing and keep the facial expressions hidden, just until the new video is published. 😛

The book writing is stopped at the moment as no one can write absurd horror scenes at 35 degrees. The sun, all the flowers, baby ducks and sun cream. Come on!!!

What to do in the next 4 weeks?

We continue texturing the game environment of the first game scene.

We want to switch between the one-handed and the both-handed shooting animation. We need to program that in UE4. We must check out how he can use his gun best.

We want to create a first test sequence for the new video in Clearwaters apartment. From the videos beginning till its end. Did we miss something, do we need more animations, more code, more texture?

It’s time to think about the background music for the new video. How would the BIZARRE music sound?

Continue writing the book BIZARRE Episode I as soon as the baby ducks get older.

Now then, ladies, let's get in the pool!! 😄


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