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Unity Daily Update #4 - Crystal updates





Today, I've fixed some bugs with the crystal throwing algorithm.

Basically, crystals will be used by the player to get to those alternative paths I've mentioned in my BPS tree entry.

There'll be at least 3 type of crystals : Fire, Water and Life.

Each will be thrown to eliminate obstacles at the entry point of each alternatives paths.

I've also planned them to be persistent throughout runs. This means that the amount of crystals are linked to a save file rather than a run.

So if the player didn't used their crystal during the run, then they'll have the opportunity to use them in another one.


As you can see, each type of crystal has a particular particle effect attached to them.

I've tried to simulate how each type of elements would react. So the fire crystal particles behaves like flames, life one like fireflies and water one like drops of water.

I still have to give them a distinctive shape... For now, I've used the default particle sprite provided with Unity.

Also, after a crystal hit something, it'll generate other type of particles. These particle will move accordingly to the impact force.


So, to recap, I've been working on particles for the past days... Kinda slow, but I think it's worth it...




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