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Brainstorming New Patreon Plans, Rewards, & Goals

Yotes Games



I'm brainstorming some new plans for making the Yotes Games Patreon a much bigger deal. My general idea is that I need to put more effort into my YouTube channel due to the level of engagement that gets out of people.

But I'd like to hear some feedback from you! It'd be super great to hear someone else's take on where I should take this crazy train next. Or hear exactly why you personally wouldn't donate to my Patreon but would to another. What rewards would you like to see? Should the project be more polished? I wanna know how to get strangers completely HYPED about this game!

Trying to emulate the success of ALBDifferent, Exiled, & YandereDev here, and a solid YouTube effort is the key ingredient I'm neglecting. Even just read an article today about how Fighting is Magic might not've exploded if that demonstration trailer didn't get shared left and right earning 900,000 views. Nerds like me read development blogs, but everybody watches videos. I outta make some videos.

Check out the huge list of ideas about how I'ma to do just that on the official development blog!


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      A week ago I had what I thought was a great game idea. Well, I spent the whole week improving my art skills, which, I thought, would be necessary. But now I'm not sure it's such a great idea. Anyway, here's the results of a week's worth of sketching:

      You train a dog from zero, teaching it a number of commands, based on some kind of neural network. You then are able to take on "real-world" missions in various fields, such as police, and search and rescue. You get bonuses for your performance in each mission, which allow you to purchase different upgrades.

      My primary issue is the appearance of the words "neural network". But if I remove that, I don't really see any gameplay left... I guess I don't see a lot of gameplay, in general, beyond getting the dog to do what you want. Uh, I suppose it's time to stop with scribbling and get to prototyping?

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      Hey guys!

      I've made my new showreel. I did my best and I hope to optimize it as thoroughly as possible.

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