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Mobile Week 21; Dale North!, MFI, Dodge, Dust, TOO MUCH TO LIST!!!!



Hello All,

Well we are wrapping everything up nicely for release.  We are looking at August 21st as the absolute last day to submit to Apple.  Shooting for sometime next week for submitting.  Will let everyone know when we submit.

My wife, Sarah, is still recovering in the hospital.  She was set to come home today but is down 2 bags of blood so she needs to get a transfusion.  So hopefully tomorrow she will be back home.

There was a ton of work done on the game.  It has been extremely rough for me emotionally.  I’ve had my real downs.  Creating and working on this game is definitely therapy for me.  I completely understand why musicians and artists turn to there work as therapy, it really does work.  If I didn’t have this and my kids I would be an absolute wreck.  My kids keep me focused and remind me that they need me as much as I need them, they are definitely a rock for me right now.

We had a surprise that happened this week.  As I was spending the night with my wife in the hospital we were presented with the opportunity to have legendary Dale North compose the in game music.  If you do not know of Dale North please check him out here:  dalenorthmusic.com He is extremely talented and has worked on a lot of well known video games.  We are blessed to have him on our game and I cannot wait to hear what he has for me and share it with you all.  More to come!!

Luis will still be creating the game’s sound effects as previously announced.

Here is the changelog:

  • Dale North will be doing the music for the game!!!
  • Added Chapter 2 game over screen
    • now if you get game over from any room in chapter 2 you get the appropriate game over screen
  • MFI Controller Compatible!!
    • Working Great on my Nimbus, very excited about this.
  • Secret Rooms for Chapter 2 have been created, tested, and added.
  • Testing complete for Chapter 2 (This took a good amount of time as I was very thorough)
    • lots of bugs fixed
    • thanks to beta testers as well
  • New and probably last test build was submitted to test flight
  • you can now dodge enemies and fireballs when you roll
    • you are invincible during the first half of the roll
    • this little change makes a huge difference in the mechanics
      • very fun and helpful to roll around and dodge
  • Player now kicks out dust when they roll
  • Adjusted the lighting on all Chapter 1 dark rooms
  • Corrected splash page
  • Completed Intro of Boss (Chronic) in Chapter 2
  • Chronic is now fully animated and the room layout is complete!
    • adjusted the boss’s multiple health max (yes there are multiple spots it has different health)
  • Changed text boxes to contextual based text boxes
    • now the background of the text box will look like the interactive object
    • great visual seeing how this is the way you will learn the story
    • added a subtle glowing star above the paper as a visual tell so you can identify where they are
    • added a red type color to the text on the sign.  After going through every type of color this was the only color that you could easily see that was closest to the color palette used in the game.
  • Fixed a bug with the pickups spawned from grass on Chapter 2 not being centered
  • added smoke effect when the Doors and Gates are destroyed
  • IAP created, tested, verified, and working
    • don’t have the finished graphics for this yet so just a test button placeholder being used
    • for supporting us for the cost of .99 cents (less than a coffee) we give you 50 coins in return and a huge thank you!
    • 50% of all proceeds we will donate to DanaFarber for cervical cancer research!


Here is a quick video just showcasing some of the changes made and the additions without spoiling anything to much.  I need some of this to be a surprise!

Thank you and please let us know your thoughts, comments, criticism, etc.


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Looking forward to your release date! :) I hope everything else goes well.

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14 hours ago, Rutin said:

Looking forward to your release date! :) I hope everything else goes well.

Thanks Rutin, I really appreciate it. 

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