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Uagi Saba Dev Log/Patch Notes, Master List Post-Launch





On August 1st Uagi-Saba, the newest in creature breeding and genetics released onto Steam EA.

Uagi-Saba On Steam

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Here is a list of all three major patches including notes that were made post-launch. Enjoy



Post Launch Patch 3    8/8/2018


    Been crunching hard the past couple days to get through all of the bugs. I have changed many things based on player feedback as well. Some of the main issues were still some major bugs but many players were having a hard time finding enough of certain resources etc. I have made a few tweaks to balance and object spawn rates. Players have also been having a hard time understanding mechanics due to me not providing enough information, to help with this I have added more bits of info here and there within the tutorial and HUB info screens. Another major addition is the color changes to temp text in the UI. The text will now change color based on the temp in sanctuary, this should better help the player visually understand safe and stable temp levels.

    We have gotten through most of the major bugs and Uagi is now pretty stable. I can really start to concentrate on more player feedback and new content. I cannot guarantee it but the next patch should be on a different branch, so the player can choose whether or not to update.

    I know balancing is not yet perfect, that will take a while to tweak. I will continue to make patches and things should get smoother. I hope these changes will make your Uagi experience a bit more enjoyable. UG


  • Stone piles now give larger amounts of stone when harvested.
  • Fixed problem where one of the tutorial boxes at the tutorials start was being skipped. The one covering harvesting resources (stone, mushrooms etc.).
  • Junk piles now have a chance to give out multiple resources, including more stone.
  • Adult mystics now generate 5 essence instead of 10, baby mystics now generate 2 essence instead of 5.
  • Water pools now generate less water per cycle.
  • Fixed problem where player could drag camera while HUB menu screen  was open.
  • Changed the spawn position of the HUB screen tutorial box, also fixed problem where player could not close it by clicking the "x" close button.
  • Fixed problem where intro crystal text would still show if player opened the HUB screen.
  • Added click sounds when player uses mouse wheel up/down when in the controls sections or options section of the in game menu.
  • Completely re-worked the in game main menu screens. Fixed all of the bugs involving closing menus, switching screens etc. and no more overlapping click sounds.
  • The player can now close the in game main menu screens using mouse wheel up/down, middle mouse, the movement keys and the right mouse button.
  • The temp text in the upper right HUD will now change color based on the temp in sanctuary.
  • Blue "Cold"    Green "Stable"   Orange "Hot"    Red "Very Hot". This should make it easier visually for the player.
  • Title screen music now fades in properly.
  • The Main Menu screen can now be opened AND closed using the menu button bottom right.
  • Can now close the HUB menu with RIGHT MOUSE.
  • Can now close lore book text boxes with right mouse.
  • There were problems with many buttons/objects not destroying correctly while using AZERTY mode. Fixed most of the issues involving this.
  • When using mouse wheel to zoom in mouse now stays centered to location zoomed in on.
  • The lore cost of the ASDS module upgrade has been increased from 100 to 250.
  • Cleaned up the title screen a bit.
  • Added new background sound effects.
  • Fixed problem where player could open recycle button if right clicking out of the main menu.



Post Launch Patch Notes 2  

Past few days have been a bit crazy, all of the feedback and bug reports have been wonderful. Uagi is already on the path to becoming a more solid game. Many problems have been fixed with this patch including the major problem with save games not registering . I know the patching has been a bit heavy but soon patches should become less frequent. Sorry for any Inconvenience.

Regarding Furnaces And Temps

Lately it seems players have been having a hard time keeping their temp in sanctuary balanced. Let me go over a few things. Each room in sanctuary will generate a small amount of "cold". The more rooms you have in sanctuary the more cold your temps will stay. Having furnaces in your sanctuary will help raise your temps. Each furnace has three heat levels. Level 1 (10 and under) Level 2 ( above ten below 20) Level 3 (above 20). The higher the level the more heat produced. To add fuel to a furnace press LEFT MOUSE, to remove fuel RIGHT MOUSE. The temp of sanctuary will stay around it's default temp of 34 degrees F if sanctuary has no heat. A healthy temp range is 65-94 degrees F. I have also made some slight changes to heat output for furnaces, this should help a bit too. Keeping your temps balanced can take some practice. Keep and eye on your temp and adjuest heat levels accordingly, if your current furnaces can't keep up build a couple more. Hope this helps.

Remember, the "lore and other info" section of the HUB screen (computer) is your friend, most everything Uagi can be found here. 


  • fixed spelling errors in story screens.
  • Fixed problem where HUB screen would open and camera would keep moving if player pressed hub open button (bottom right) while moving the camera.
  • Fixed problem where options menu would open and camera would keep moving if player pressed options open button (bottom right) while moving the camera.
  • For some reason I had the forges which are used to make alloy cost alloy to build. This made it impossible to build them. Changed the cost to 100 energy and 25 scrap, removed the alloy cost.
  • Fixed problem where destroyed furnaces would leave behind their recycle control object. Causing recycle buttons to appear later if right clicked.
  • Re-did egg health boxes, they are a bit darker now so text inside is easier to read. I have also added custom green and red used buy the text to show high and low health.
  • Fixed issue where if player pressed the "P" key while entering a mystics name game would pause.
  • Had a problem where sometimes saves would not save, this should be fixed.
  • Dig site boxes now have a chance to give ore.
  • Fixed problem where dig site boxes would harvest automatically even if "junk runners" was not yet unlocked.
  • Fixed problem where dig site boxes were crashing the game if "junk runners" was unlocked.
  • Fixed issue where in game menu would appear if player pressed the escape key to exit out of the HUB screen.
  • Fixed problem with overlapping click sounds opening and closing menus and build buttons.
  • Fixed problem where pressing the options menu button with room build buttons and floor build buttons still open wouldn't destroy them properly.
  • Fixed problem where player could click on a room renovation button while HUB menu was open.
  • Player can now hold shift while using wasd to move camera to move it around faster than normal speed. This can also be done using drag camera.
  • Much harder to get wild mystic rooms now.
  • Added small note about the mystic word list in the wrong command response for the mystic HUD
  • Fixed problem where offspring egg would crash if original parents were dead, this had to do with the generation variable not being passed on correctly through the womb.
  • The backspace key will not cancel a breed if gene packets are visible and player decides to not go through with breed.
  • Fixed problem where the exit button for the in game menu would stop working after clicking out of "options" or "controls"



Hotfix Patch 1 Post Launch

  • Fixed problem where using middle mouse to move cam would not destroy interact objects in the mystic HUD, later causing a possible crash.
  • Fixed problem where renovating a room into a dig site with a furnace in it would destroy all other furnaces.
  • Tutorial boxes now stick around a bit longer before disappearing.
  • Temp will no longer go above 300.



End List


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