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Unity Daily Update #7 - Another plane of being



During the past days, lots of shaders were updated and other visual things did too.

Firstly, I've added lights effects when the crystals get shattered. There's also a burst of particle emanating from the broken crystal on impact.

Also, enemies now leave a ragdoll corpse behind when they die. I love some of the poses those ragdolls make.

On another note, I've toyed around with corpse removal and got captivated by the shrinking effect it created.


It can sometimes be off-putting, but I'm still captivated.

I've also added a nice VHS-like effect from layering two VHS shader together; namely "more AVdistortion" and "VHS pause effect".

I've already ported the former and it's already active and the latter was just a matter of porting GLSL shaders to HLSL. No biggie.

I did change the code a bit to make the white noises move through time. And there's nothing like trigonometry to help us with that

fixed4 frag (v2f i) : SV_Target
	fixed4 col = fixed4(0, 0, 0, 0);
	// get position to sample
	fixed2 samplePosition = i.vertex.xy / _ScreenParams.xy;
	float whiteNoise = 9999.0;
	// Jitter each line left and right
	samplePosition.x = samplePosition.x + (((rand(float2(_UnscaledTime, i.vertex.y))-0.5)/64.0) * _EffectStrength );
	// Jitter the whole picture up and down
	samplePosition.y = samplePosition.y + (((rand(float2(_UnscaledTime, _UnscaledTime))-0.5)/32.0) * _EffectStrength );
	// Slightly add color noise to each line
	col += (fixed4(-0.5, -0.5, -0.5 , -0.5)+fixed4(rand(float2(i.vertex.y,_UnscaledTime)),rand(float2(i.vertex.y,_UnscaledTime+1.0)),rand(float2(i.vertex.y,_UnscaledTime+2.0)),0))*0.1;

	// Either sample the texture, or just make the pixel white (to get the staticy-bit at the bottom)
	whiteNoise = rand(float2(floor(samplePosition.y*80.0),floor(samplePosition.x*50.0))+float2(_UnscaledTime,0));
	float t = sin(_UnscaledTime / 2);

	if (whiteNoise > 11.5-30.0*(samplePosition.y + t) || whiteNoise < 1.5-5.0*(samplePosition.y + t) ) {
		// Sample the texture.
		col = lerp(tex2D(_MainTex ,samplePosition) , col + tex2D(_MainTex ,samplePosition), _EffectStrength);
	} else {
		// Use white. (I'm adding here so the color noise still applies)
		col = lerp(tex2D(_MainTex ,samplePosition), fixed4(1, 1, 1,1), _EffectStrength);

	return col;

It's nice to have HLSL code, but a video is better:



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