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GameDev.net Members - Submit your game and Get Recognized with the Intel GameDev Program



I wanted to take a moment to reach out to the GameDev.net community for any of our members who are working on a game and ready to show it off. Based on the Blogs and Projects activity, I know of at least a few of you who might be interested in this as it's a great opportunity to get free marketing and exposure for your game.


The Intel GameDev Program is running a contest right now that you might be interested in entering. There isn't a lot of time to enter - you need to submit your game for testing by December 21, 2018, but if you do you'll be entered in the contest for some big prizes. You can learn more about how to enter here.

By submitting your game you'll be submitting it to Intel to earn the Runs Great On Intel® Technology Certification, and if your game tests in the Top 25 then you'll win prizes. 

The Grand Prize winner will receive placement in Green Man Gaming's PC 2019 promotion.

Plus the top 25 will be eligible to win:

  • $5,000 worth of Intel advertising via social media †
  • A distribution & publishing meeting
  • A rotational placement on gameplay.intel.com
  • A 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • A feature in the 2019 GDC* Indie Lounge at the Intel booth

I encourage any GameDev.net members getting ready to ship their games in the coming months to consider entering this contest. It's easy to enter, and the benefits are great. What do you have to lose?

Learn more from the Intel GameDev Program at https://intel.ly/2BiPRKH.




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