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Project: Tales of Vastor

Tales of Vastor - Progress #2 - One week to alpha



Tales of Vastor - Progress #2 - One week to alpha

Tales of Vastor - Progress #2


  1. Content of the alpha version
  2. What's done?
  3. What's next?

Content of the alpha version

Since I talked quite a bit about the upcoming alpha version, I want to quickly list the content.

  • The story will cover the intro up to the very first boss fight.
  • There will be two characters to choose from at the beginning.
  • Different types of fights will be provided.
  • Customize some preferences in the options menu.
  • Navigation through Eden will be possible, in order to progress in the story.

What's done?


This week, a new enemy appeared - the Blop.

Tales of Vastor - Blop

As you can see, he already fought a few knights; and won. So be prepared when fighting this monstrous and ferocious foe.

New fighting background

As the world of Ethen is covered with greens and forests, you will fight in on of those forests for sure.

Tales of Vastor - Woods

Basic inventory system

Here is the inventory system as it looks now. There, you can equip different weapons, armour and lots of other stuff.

Tales of Vastor - Inventory

What's next?

  • Publishing the alpha on 31.08.2018
  • Collecting your feedback, implement your wishes and fix those bugs you find
  • Music and sound effects is high priority, as it is not covered yet.
  • Further story progress. The goal is to have the main story completed for the upcoming beta version in October.
  • A merchant has to be implemented for you to spend your gold.
  • Of course new enemies and playable characters will come as well.

If you have feedback, I really appreciate reading it. You can contact me via mail or direct message.

Thank you!


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