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The New GDNet+ - No Ads!



GDNet+ has been the subscription membership for members wanting to support and get extra features, services, and discounts in exchange. I think we've had GDNet+ for 10 or so years and a lot of members have participated in the program.

And now we're hoping it's even better.

Starting today, all GDNet+ subscribers will have an ad-free experience on for a flat $3 per month. No more tiers, no $.99 at the end. Just $3.

See for yourself here.

Plus, you'll get these benefits:

  • Ability to post on the Contractors board
  • Upload banners and advertise on
  • Receive discounts from partners (like CRC Press and others)
  • GDNet+ member title
  • Full editing and moderation capability for your own content
  • Priority for pass giveaways to conferences and events
  • Early access to site beta features
  • Ability to view who gives you Reputation
  • Ability to create and manage your own Groups, like For Beginners and GameDev Challenges
  • And more site and profile features

Interested in becoming a GDNet+ member? Sign up on the Subscribers page. Already a GDNet+ member? You're all set.

I hope this is more attractive for those who appreciate and want to give a little something back. In return we'll take away all the ads and throw a bit more on top. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

Kevin / khawk



Recommended Comments

Cautiously optimistic about this change. Hopefully I'll be able to stop posting about issues related to ads showing up when they shouldn't!

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Great new simple structure and benefits for the price!

I'm glad to be able to go into the new year soon supporting GDNet this way.


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