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Summer Baseball Challenge 2018 - Part 1



I’m a bit late to the party on posting my blog updates for the Summer Baseball Challenge 2018 at Game Dev.Sadly I had so much work in August as it’s my year end for my companies, and I had a lot of client meetings to attend to. I’m still going to complete this challenge even with deadline being September 15 2018. 😊

I’m taking a very simple approach here because of my time limit, and I have made simulation games before but won’t be able to go full featured here, so I’m still on the fence with how much control the player will have. My plan is to create two teams which have nine total players. Each player will contain stats that determine running speed, batting percentage, catching ability, throwing speed. I will follow the Knickerbocker rules as much as possible even though I’m not up to date with the rules but did go over them.

My plan is to have the player be able to control bat swings, and outfielders with throwing and movement when not up to bat.

The theme for the game will be on an alien planet where a bird hybrid alien race will be playing against each other. I will look at making shirts to define each team.

Below is the race you will play as and against in this baseball game. 😊 I have a game ready version that is rigged which I’ll setup the animations for swinging and throwing. I’m not sure how clean I’ll get due to the time restrictions. I was able to make a high and low poly version then texture the model below this evening.



My next entry will show the play area for the game which I’ve mapped out and I’m working on. 😊

Thanks for reading!


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