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Unity Weekly Updates #11 - Ms. Liza, I don't feel so good...



Last week I've worked on implementing statuses in the game.

To put it simply, statuses negatively affect entities. Things like poisoning or bleeding, for example, will continuously dish out damage for a specific amount of time.


Here's a list of some statuses and their effects.

Keep in mind that statuses times aren't final and will eventually change depending on the impact of their effects...

poisoned.png.31541f88318e170b3e61b50938febaf4.png Poisoned

This status is self-explanatory. It will damage the entity for about 20 seconds.

The damage amount will increase linearly through time.

burning.png.50b00dfd90318855e75774aceaf554b2.png Burning

In essence, the entity is burning.

Not dissimilar to being poisoned, the burning status also damages the entity for 20 seconds.

The difference here is that the damage will increase using a reciprocal function.

bleeding.png.bf43e5871e4fcd0ce05c7f2f08f8ed81.png Bleeding

The entity is bleeding heavily.

Again, that status is like the previous two.

The difference here is that the damage will increase logarithmically.

 iced.png.5e143cd6abd6305c29aef7dda907074d.png Frozen

The enemy is frozen solid.

It can still move but at a reduced speed. Can also attack, but at a slower rate than usual.

It will go away after 20 seconds.

damed.png.4a28913e0e9365fe3224be574c54c831.png Damned

The enemy is cursed.

For 20 seconds, the entity will be extremely unlucky. 

Any luck tests will fail regardless of the entity's current luck.

paralysed.png.92ad764fa8f2ee9396d18f0fe36e2397.png Paralysed

The entity is paralyzed.

For 20 seconds, the entity can't move.

Frenzy.png.c77363ec7b980741e5bb75245b755422.png Frenzy

The entity is caught up in a violent frenzy fits.

If the entity isn't the player, then they will ignore the player and attack its friends. 

If the entity is the player, then the situation is reversed: every entity will attack the player.

It lasts for 20 seconds. After then, the fits end.

Here's a video of frenzied enemies fighting themselves:

Stunned.png.9a660c6c6cb4aedfc944d717917b062c.png Stunned

The entity is blinded and incapacitated.

A big and blinding flash is produced. The affected entity retrains their mobility, but both vision and earing are temporarily lost.

KnockedOut.png.d695139362bad08c3c6fe28f4bba0242.png Knocked out

The entity is knocked out. it can't move or see...

A mix between paralyzed and stunned, except that everything will black out rather that light up.

Statuses visual effects

Each of these effects will have their own visuals to help to identify what type of effect is induced in who.

If the effect is applied to the player, then a vignette effect is applied to the screen. 

Poisoned Status effect

This effect actually has a nice wavy effect among other things... Here's a video of it:

When inflicted by the frozen status, the player will also see ice crystals forming on their screen, just to be fancy. 

Frozen status effects with ice crystals

If otherwise an AI is given a status, then the same pattern will be applied to it.

Frozen enemies

The pattern is also screen aligned, making it really abstract.

New Relics and Activated items

Because statuses are now fully implemented in the game, there's now even more relics and activated items.

These are directly related to statuses and give the player unique capacities like to those as well.


There are 4 new relics. These are all related to statuses in one way or another...

Hot dreams


This is an abstract representation of a sunset.

It's actually quite cliché in 80s aesthetics...

This relic also does billboarding. There are just some shapes that don't translate well in 3D...

With this, the player is able to set entities on fire (thus giving the burning status) to attacked enemies.

These attack can be direct (like a hit) or not (like a laser beam). 

As long as it originated from the player, it's all right.

Here are its modifiers:

  • -5% ATK
  • +5% AGL

Ice drop


This is an ancient artifact resembling a raindrop.

While holding it, any attack received or given will result in the other party to receive the frozen status.

Here are its modifiers:

  • +10% DEF
  • -5% ATK

Crystal Cola


This is a clear cola. It's supposed to represent a Crystal Pepsi.


This relic gives the Purifier capacity.

In essence, it can make the player resistant to status changes.

Here are its modifiers:

  • +10% LCK
  • -5% ATK

Crystal Tea


A nice tea beverage. It's a reference to Arizona green tea.


It has the Purifier capacity and also speeds up attacks.

Here are its modifiers:

  • -25% ATK
  • +25% AGL

Activated Items

There's only one new activated item: the Lipstick.


Alignment: Future Funk


This is a lipstick. A red one in fact.

While holding it, the player will experience a small growth... 

When activated, the item will make any hostile entities in a 25m radius receive the frenzy status.

Here are its modifiers:

  • -20% LCK

Minor changes

There weren't a whole lot of other changes.

But the AI was considerably changed to include status effect in their behaviour (ex: stunned enemies can't spot the player or frenzied enemies will attack other enemies)...

Next week

There's still a lot of work on status effects. For example, not all statuses have patterns, and there's also more effects to be added and tweaked here an there.

If there's anything new, it could be better props or even more specials rooms...

After all, now that statuses are in, there's a lot of things that can be implemented.


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