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Project: Tales of Vastor

Tales of Vastor - Progress #5



Tales of Vastor - Progress #5

Tales of Vastor - Progress #5


  • What's done?
  • What's next?
  • Updated alpha version

What's done?

Cloud shadows on world map

You may have noticed on Twitter that the world map in now covered with cloud shadows. It definitely looks better now. What do you think?

World map clouds

New wand for the mage class

The alpha version focused on the knight as a playable character. In order to balance Tales of Vastor for other classes as well, the mage got a new weapon - the iron wand. This mystic weapon is a special one, because it is only given to mages of higher ranks. If you got lucky, you may get one as well.

Iron wand

Optimized game state handling

Until now, there was no information, whether the game state is used or not. In order to make it more transparent, the players name will be shown. Additionally, to the players name, there is a confirm dialog, if you want to override the previously saved game state.

Player names

Confirm dialog

Fixed button positioning in main menu

A friend on mine told me, that there was an issue with resolutions > 1920 x 1080. In the main menu, the menu buttons were not visible, preventing players to start a game. Now, the buttons will be shown in the lower left corner and will be visible regardless of your resolution.


Gold display in inventory

Of course, gold is one of the most important things in Tales of Vastor. In order to know the amount of gold collected, there is a gold field in the inventory.

Gold in inventory

What's next?

  • more bandit animations
  • more bandit boss animations
  • a new playable character

New character

Update alpha version

I created a new alpha version as well today. It contains a few bug fixes and new features. Be sure to check out the last progress updates to know, what was added.

Get the alpha here.

If you have feedback, I would really appreciate reading it. You can contact me via mail or direct message whenever you want. Be sure to take a look at Twitter as well, since there will be more frequent updates.

Thank you!


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