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When at first you don't succeed...



So it's been a while since my last update.

While I would love to say I've made much progress in that time. In all honesty I simply haven't had the time to work on this project since the last post. Indeed, since my last post I haven't as much as opened this project. Until now that is. 


About this time last week I opened up unity to see what look back at what I had started. What I saw needed a lot of work and looking at it with fresh eyes showed just how much work it really needed. I hated it So — I torched it, burned it to the ground, Dragged the files in to the trash and hit delete.

That's  not the say that I have given up, just the opposite in fact. Over the past week, I've started to rebuild for the ashes of this project. 


Let's compare the old with the new to see what we've learned.


As show below, the UI Has Changed a lot while sticking to the same concept. 




Somethings are simply using new sprites. for instance the D-Pad and Hand slot. However, the clock no longer displays health information and the hot bar is not always visible. 


Instead there is a tab bar on the top right of the screen which, when selected give access to things such as the inventory, phone and setting menu.


You can now access the hot bar by tapping or sliding from the right side of the screen



The inventory has changed dramatically. 

The old


The new


The UI is much cleaner and scales better on different devices. The interface is also much more natural. By clicking the items in the tab bar at the top, you can easily switch inventory, crafting status and phone views.









Every script has been rewrite simpler and better than before. The scripts architecture is now more modular and polymorphic. As a result build and run prominence has improved much. I have also implemented a new JSON based inventory system that is compatible with PC and Android at this time. 


I hope you've enjoyed this small up date. Feel free to let me know what you like and don't like about what I've done


Happy coding,





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