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Week #36 - Finally, some eye candy !



The first few assets of the games revealed

Alpha is completed

I had to take some time off the blog to really dig into the coding, solve many bug, update AI, improve movement and main and secondary feature of the game. A huge step toward the final game was taken during the last 12 weeks.  Sorry about being so quiet, but I felt that reveling code progression wasn't interesting for the audience. Talking about feature without being able to show them or without anything visually appealing to help you appreciate and understand wasn't working really well. That said, all the feature required to have a game, either UI or in game function are all there. All the main game mechanic is there and working. I wouldn't say everything is flawless but everything work. Nothing as been tested in terms of gameplay which will be the whole point of the upcoming months. We finally can  build level. It was really important for me to complete the code first. You can't build level correctly if you are unsure of how far you can go. Of course, coding is never over, we will need to fix a few known bug and mostly evolve the code depending of game experience.

Next Step : Building 1 level

Choosing what to build first is not as easy as it sound. I'm building 2 scenes right now, both of them are strongly attach to the scenario and it's easier for me to figure out what need to be here and there and it will build up confidence at building good level for the player. The first scene is the "hangar" scene which is actually the base you settle on earth which you will visit after each mission. Since you see this portion very often in the game, i want to make sure to put a lot of time into it. It also involve building important assets such as the ship, bonuses item, teleport pad and stuff like that. The other scene is the actual first level, which is the tutorial level. It set the whole story, it's not just a tutorial that give you the game basic, yeah it does that too, yah it will be terribly easy unlike the rest of the game, but it is a really important part of the story and can't wait to see it come alive.

The candy : Armor Gun and Skin

Have a look of the first three shots (more stuff coming next week, the ship, the teleport pad, the holographic table, already completed, but I want also to share concept art and step by step of the ship). The armor skin provide protection to the character while allowing him to cloack and become invisible (a "Predator" cloacking style effect). The belt also allow the character to build up energy into their gun to unleash a unique ability. The "zap" gun is a plasma gun that use high energy to trow electric pule at enemy. It doesn't require any reloading and it never overheat. This game is about action and fun, not about managing ammo. You can shoot whenever you want at the cost of creating noise and chaos. Zoile also receive some love and now have a skin :)

My intention is to have semi-realistic look and colorful asset. I hope you guys enjoy it, please share me your idea.





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