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Unity Weekly Updates #12 - Having a 【Midnight Special】



Last week didn't have any particular theme, although it still was a busy one...


First off, all statuses now have effect textures. these are really abstract, but nice to look at.


(From left to right: Bleeding, Burning, Damned, Frenzied, Frozen, Knocked Out, Poisoned, Paralyzed and Stunned)

Also, I've perfected statuses effects on enemies. Now their current status is a lot more obvious. A nice status icon is displayed over their head to help identify that status.

A burning enemy

The Diner

Secondly, I've added a new room: the diner. 


The idea of it is quite simple: the diner offers food for the player to eat. 

The room itself is modelled after classic 50s diners with a jukebox and checkered patterns all over the place.


There's even a nice neon sign that is truly aesthetic. 


The lighting is still a WIP, but the models themselves are pretty much done. There might be some details to add here and there, though...

The exterior also needs some work. I was thinking of giving it a huge diner sign, but for now, there's nothing fancy...


Lastly, I've given the player the ability to switch their active crystals.

For those who didn't know, crystals are run-persistent collectables that can give the player the opportunity to take shortcuts that gives fame and fortune to whoever chooses to take them.

A GUI element is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Within it, there are 3 crystal counters for each type of crystals.


When the player switches their active crystal, the element rotates around to display the right counter at the right time. There's even a nice animation for it.


I've only worked on this yesterday, so it still has rough edges here and there. Also, there's no discernable way to identify the active type of crystal on the GUI element alone as of yet...

There are some icons that could be ready, but I want to try to put those icons in a custom font file.

This way, I can use Unity's dynamic text display functionality to have scalable graphics.

One of the drawbacks of this is that only monochrome icons can be used...

Minor updates

  • Modified the bank so that it spawns with a back wall
  • Fixed bugs with MonoBehaviours scripts presets
  • Fixed a whole lot of bugs with the map generator.
    • Turns out that when the player was extremely lucky, they could remain trapped in the stating room because all other rooms would become secret rooms.
  • Added a limit on how many secrets tunnel rooms can be spawned
  • Added a ceiling to most room obstacles such as locked doors and cracked walls so that the lighting won't look weird anymore.
  • Added back walls to special rooms. Thus, the design of those rooms will be applied continuously rather than abruptly end.
  • Changed the tri-colour decal shader to add emission (mainly used with the diner's neon sign)

This week

Now that the diner is done, I can go ahead and continue the implementation of even more rooms. 

Last time I've talked about status-themed rooms, but turns out that there are a lot of other more important rooms to be added beforehand.

I will be adding these up progressively...

Now that the player knows their current active crystal type and their remaining amount, I can also add rooms dealing with those.

I could also try to spawn pickable crystals, but right now rooms seem to be more important than crystals: they add more opportunities and varies the gameplay a lot.

And finally, another possibility is to actually create these custom font files I've previously talked about, although it's not that important...

Before I forget! Last week I've forgotten to mention that I've also tried to compose some music for the game. Here's a preview:


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Very interesting indeed.  When do you think you'll have a playable demo for people to provide some early feedback?

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39 minutes ago, Awoken said:

Very interesting indeed.  When do you think you'll have a playable demo for people to provide some early feedback?

If every thing goes to plan there should be a somewhat playable version in early 2019.

Although I hope it could be sooner

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