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    • By Pasarel Studios
      About the game
      Color Switches is a simple and fun game made for android , your objective is to drag  the "Switches"  left and right , each "Switch" goes in a different direction . But that's not it when the Switches are in the middle they change they'r color in white and you can pass white obstacles only if you are white ,purple can only go through purple obstacles and so on.
      About me
      My name is Alex i'm a  17 years old developer from Romania , I always enjoyed playing games and doing stuff on computers(Video editing, photoshop etc) but recently i started programing (7 months ago) and started learning unity 5 months ago , and I'm trying to open my own studio "Pasarel Studios" even if i'm the only one currently .
      Development of the Game
      Making this game was a lot of fun , hardships , and I learned  a lot of things making it.
      It all started when I messed up some code,and one object was not going in the direction i wanted it to , and I made that "mistake" my core mechanic of this game .         Making this (at least for me) was really hard , i felt like giving up so many times, but something pushed me everyday and said "FINISH IT" and I didn't gave up , even if sometimes was so buggy that it was unplayable.
       What I learned
      When I started this project I didn't have a single idea how to implement skins , how to make a menu for levels , how to place rewarded ads , how to make the score system  to work at all.   And I gave myself a challenge ,  to not watch any tutorials on how to do different things , just use what I already know to get what I want to work (even if my code is really messy in some parts) and somehow , it WORKED! I implemented everything  I wanted to in my game ! 

      Have Fun!
      Leave me any bad or good comment ,  tell me what can I do better or what I did bad.
      This is my 3rd game so I don't  expect it to be a "Hit Game" on marketplace , but all the things I learned were worth IT!
      Google Play Store  : Download
      studio instagram : @pasarel.studios_
      personal instagram : @alexandruandriev
      I hope you have a nice day and don't give up on anything that you do!
    • By egor230
      For a long time wanted to write a plugin that allows you to run lua scripts for vc. In this plugin lies Plugin-SDK DK https://github.com/DK22Pac/plugin-sdk/tree/8d4d2ff5502ffcb3a741cbcac238d49664689808 
      the sdk has its main thread, which is an infinite loop, in a way. If there put delay, for example, 10 seconds, then at this time will stop the game itself. Therefore, we launch a new independent stream with a flag, so that it is only one.
      Searching all lua files in a folder, run in a new thread with a new lua state.  Threads and lua States are added to vectors.
       There is a check for errors, run the script, the counter of running scripts increases, get the stack function main, run it.
      As follows.
              lua_pcall(L, 0, 0, 0);// run the file.
              lua_getglobal(L, "main");
              if (LUA_TFUNCTION == lua_type(L, -1)){ luastate.push_back(L); counts++;
              lua_pcall(L, 0, 0, 0);

      Lua contains the main function, which has an infinite loop.  Everything works, but there is one but.  How do I reboot all scripts?
       Press ctrl, go through the cycle for vector c lua States, remove from the stack all, but lua state is not unloaded from memory, so it has an infinite loop.
         Please tell me how to unload the script from memory to properly write the implementation of reloading scripts?.
    • By william.equal
      Hi everyone,

      "Game Audio Lookout" is a series on how music and sound design in games work. I started out as a YouTube channel, but switched to a Medium blog now. Feel free to have a look at my current collection of articles:

      Furthermore I started a new blog series calls "Audio Essentials" where I talk about audio-related basic things. The first article is about how the compositional process works and can be found here:

      Any feedback and suggestions on wishes for future articles is appreciated!

    • By Proman
      i want to creat one game like stardew valley but i don't know how to start 
      do you show me how to make game basic ? 
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