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Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 56 — September 30, 2018

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  • explains what variable rate shading is and what use cases it enables
  • a control texture allows varying of the shading rate on a 16x16 pixel grid

  • explains the recent developments in VR headsets and how Turing offers new hardware solutions
  • extensions that allow rendering up to 4 different views, with view-dependent attributes using a single invocation

  • a new encoding method for Spherical Gaussians that improves quality from previous encoding methods

  • presents a high-level overview of how to implement interior mapping
  • comments have much information about the timeline of games that used similar techniques

  • discusses a technique to generate instanced geometry procedurally on the GPU using OpenGL compute shaders
  • aimed at filling vast streaming worlds that are broken down into tiles

  • new stream coding series about the creation of a Vulkan renderer from scratch
  • the first two episodes implement rendering of a single triangle on screen

  • Twitter thread discussing Raw vs. Typed buffer performance on Claybook
  • suggest using raw buffers if supported

  • overview of new features included in CUDA 10
  • Multi-Precision Tensor Cores are exposed on Turing
  • CUDA Graphs allow the specification and recording of an execution graph that can be executed multiple times, this reduces overhead and allows the compiler to apply further optimizations
  • interoperability with Vulkan and D3D12 is supported

  • explains how to generate 2D and 3D noise in a Unity shader
  • extends the Metal raytracer with obj model loading
  • a simple diffuse BRDF implementation, including frame accumulation and shadows
  • provides a Mitsuba test scene

  • walkthrough of the geometry pipeline on current GPU architectures and how mesh shaders fit into it
  • description of an upgrade path to mesh shaders
  • look at possibilities of future use cases
  • updated post now includes SM warp-issue-stall metrics
  • previously discussed in issue-26

  • summary of resources for graphics programmers to study and keep up-to-date with the graphics programming community
  • a tutorial that shows how to implement a custom rendering pipeline in Unity
  • implements skybox rendering, culling filtering, sorting and rendering of unlit objects
  • how to improve memory usage and better integration with the Unity frame debugger

  • Unreal released the tech talks from SIGGRAPH 2018
  • Virtual Production in Unreal Engine 4.20, Mixed Reality Production with Unreal Engine, Fortnite: Advancing the Animation Pipeline, Real-Time Motion Capture in Unreal Engine

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