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Project: Tales of Vastor

Tales of Vastor - Progress #9



Tales of Vastor - Progress #9

Tales of Vastor - Progress 9


  • What's done?
  • What's next?
  • Music

What's done?

Black knight model

Another enemy was added to the game - the black knight, one of the late game enemies.

progress 9 - black knight


Waypoint icons

The waypoint icons will help you identify what is waiting on a certain waypoint. Currently, the following ones are designed and configured:

progress 9 - waypoint icons

The boss icon will be displayed on waypoints, where a boss will occur. So, you might want to buy a few items before getting into the fight.

The merchant is located near Udins castle. There, you should stock up a few potions or even buy a new weapon.

Last but no least, the temple icon. It displays a temple, where you can save the game and heal all your characters.

Status icons

Up until now, there was no way to know, which status effects applied to a certain character. Later, the following icons will be displayed, depending on the active statuses.

progress 9 - status icons

A short explanation to the effects:

  • freeze: Does not allow action choosing for a certain amount or turns. The only good thing about the freeze effect is, that it nullifies the fire effect.
  • fire: Damages the affected character at the start of each turn. If you can not remove the status fast enough, the character might end up dying. If the character is frozen, the fire effect will remove the freeze status.
  • defense up: Raises the defense of the affected character. This status effect is essential to survive certain bosses or even harder fights.
  • lower defense: Will decrease the affected characters defense. You should be careful, if a character has this status applied, because the damage received will increase.

New background

Here is one of the refactored backgrounds used for fights:

progress 9 - hills

This one provides more fog in the background, which shows the depth of the landscape. Lately, I love to put in a little bit of fog to the backgrounds, since it provides so much more life.

What's next?

This week, I want to focus on the character animations for the playable characters. Up until now, the base animations are already available for every character. Power attack animations, on the other hand, are still missing. They should be complete, as soon as the beta version is released.

Alongside with the new animations, a few particle effects have to the created, such as lightnings, status changes and many others.


I am glad to tell, that the main theme is already composed and others will come soon. Here is the main theme by Andrew LiVecchi:

If you missed to check him out on YouTube, be sure to click the link: Youtube.com

If you have feedback, you can contact me via mail or direct message whenever you want. Be sure to take a look at Twitter as well, since there will be more frequent updates.

Thank you!


Recommended Comments

The music seems to capture loneliness.  It's a beautiful piece.

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Thank you so much!

The credit for the track goes to @AndrewJL, since he composed it.

Thank you so much!

The credit for the track goes to @AndrewJL, since he composed it.

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