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Quick Terrain Renders



I had some extra time this evening and wanted to do some terrain renders for fun. I know that a lot of people will use procedural tools to generate terrain layouts, but I wanted to toy around with just sculpting on a square with some brushes I created to make a few quick terrain renders.

The first step was to use my custom brushes to sculpt out some landscape as shown below.

This mesh is 1.5 million polygons


I then had two lower poly versions made up because I wanted to see how low I could go and still keep a decent bake result. :) 

The first test was at 90k polygons:


I then took this mesh and hand painted it and rendered the following result:


My next test was to see if I could go lower. I tried my mesh at 16k polygons.


Once I baked, and hand painted everything I was able to get this result from rendering:


I then took the render into Photoshop to add a more softer snow on top:


The snow is pretty "rough" still but I didn't have a lot of time left today. I'm pretty happy with the bake and render though for my 16k poly mesh. :)

Anyhow! This was just a little thing I wanted to do for fun this evening. Thanks for stopping by! :D 


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