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Hidden island



Yesterday I watched Tomb Raider (2018) and it was ok. Just ok.

But I thought that’s the idea about an island which is hidden is so cool that I decided to make one in my game.


So I had to make an island which is not shown on the map and also is hard to see from the main land. There are a few tricks like making a lot of small empty islands, so the hidden one will be masked behind ‘em. Or maybe some kind of fog of war.


In the DS Zelda (sadly, I don’t remember the exac game name but there was a ship as a main feature) there was a puzzle with moving to the next area where you should find a map with a correct route (also you can simply follow it if u know it) or you’ll always get into storm and the ship will be moved back.


I think I should a make a quest where so-called quest giver is a book chapters (example Skyrim I guess).

Player must firstly find out about an island in the book, so he can talk to some NPCs about it and found a sailor who can take him right to the island and so on.

This should be a fun side quest.



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