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Project: Frogger

Frogger - programming day 4



Quick update to show how everything is going. Ignoring the river doesn't drown you, collision bugs etc, I've been pressing on with getting the major features in. There are now menus, UI (basic to start), game state logic, winning, losing, and just today I was putting in sound.

Sound has been quite tricky because 3d sound and listeners seems to be currently broken in Godot (3.05 at least), so I've had to bodge around the broken bits considerably. If they fix it I can solve some of these things but for now sound will have to be pretty simple.

Still loads of stuff to fix, as well as putting in some kind of progression as you complete levels. I was thinking of making roads / rivers wider, or multiple versions with more traffic, different speeds / densities. Also I might put in some other stuff like a fly to eat and otter and snake, depending on time.

I also figured out some performance issues were occurring because Godot was defaulting to a 4096x4096 shadow map (!), gawd knows how this was decided to be a good choice lol. :)



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Great progress so far. :) How are you liking the engine?

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3 minutes ago, Rutin said:

Great progress so far. :) How are you liking the engine?

Since my post this afternoon I have put in IK for the frog in blender and made some animations, and figured out the animation tree state machine thing in Godot. It is working great, should have videos of the frog jumping etc soon.

Godot I am full of praise for, so far I like it a lot more than Unity (probably I'd give Unity 5/10, and Godot 8/10), it is a lot more coherent and self-contained, and GDScript is great compared to C#. The main problem people are likely to come across is that it is in a state of flux (partly because there is so much work being done on it!) and there aren't that many tutorials compared to Unity (and you have to watch that those there are do not have 'out of date' info, although that is true with other engines). That said, providing you are prepared to google, and just experiment with the editor options, there has not been anything I haven't been able to solve so far (aside from the 3d sound, which isn't 'stop-ship' for me).

The animation system and importing seem to be very easy and quick to use so far. I literally can spend 5 mins making a jump animation in blender, export as 'better collada' and it's there, ready for use with animations in Godot.

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I'll be looking at trying out Godot sometime soon then! :) Seems like a good option!

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