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Unity Weekly update #17 - 禅 GARDENS



Last week was really productive. There were a lot of changes and refactoring and it was really worthwhile.

Regular rooms

Firstly, regular rooms got a major uplift. 


Before, there were only two types of hardcoded rooms. Neither of which were interactable as they were placeholders.

I've had a blog post on how these work, but in essence, we place several prop formations at anchor point around the room. We then create those props using those and by removing props outside the room.

If you want to learn more, click here!


Secondly, there are now new types of props. Because of the major room refactoring, I need better types of props than just ferns.



These are regular rocks. There are three kinds of shape which are selected randomly.

These are solid and cannot be walked over. The player can, however, use a bomb to remove these.

There's also a chance that when a rock breaks common consumable items can drop (things like money, bombs, keys, etc.).

I've also planned to have special types of rocks that can spawn uncommon items (like foods, activated items and whatnot) through it's not implemented yet...



These are solid wooden boxes that the player can break using normal attacks. 

Each box has a certain damage threshold, so the stronger the attack, the quicker the breaking occurs. If the attack isn't strong enough, multiples attacks could be needed. Everything that can deal damage can be used to break those, including bombs and laser beams, although some attacks are better than others.

In the future, there would be a visual indicator that tells how much damage the box took.

Like rocks, a broken box can drop common items. I also think that enemies could sometimes spawn out of these.

I'm not sure however if there could be special boxes that could drop special items... (Rocks DO fill that role anyway...)

Minor Upgrades

  • Some special rooms, such as the Gym, can also spawn with props.
  • Ferns now spawns using the new room layout algorithm, just like rocks and boxes
  • Palm trees don't spawn anymore as of now.
    • Not sure if they're gonna be used as background props or actually used inside rooms...
  • Sometimes chrysanthemum plants can be spawn rather than ferns.
    • I don't think that these could fit within a level...
    • These could be used as fallbacks, though...
  • Many new types of shaders have been created.
    • There's a serious need of refactoring though...

Next week

I feel that next week will be about refactoring and upgrading UI elements like the pause menu and such.

I really think that it's also about time to add at least a piece of equipment to test, even if it's a placeholder.

After the GUI is done, back to relics and capacities.

Now that regular rooms are nicely generated, about 25% of the game is done. Things are progressing, and bit by bit (literally or not if you would... 🙃) the whole picture is taking form.


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