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Menu, Sound (and other worries)



So, yeah, I've added some sounds and drew a main menu graphic...

...I probably shouldn't have, at least the graphic, because that took quite a bit of time. But I started enjoying drawing, and well... I'm also hoping that even if it's, critically speaking, childish scribbles, maybe it at least counts for something that I can operate a tablet and know what brushes are?

I only belatedly realized that it doesn't convey very well the theme and atmosphere of the game, because of the bright colors and lack of any mechanical parts. Maybe I'll go over it another time.

As far as sound effects, I just downloaded a bunch of free assets from the Unity store. I tried to build a standalone, and fortunately Unity seems to be pretty good about including only parts that I've actually used, because there's no way I can figure out what I can delete without breaking everything.

Speaking of a standalone... Well, that was a disaster. The current video has been recorded from the editor, because in the standalone there's weird stuff going on with sound effects, but worst of all strange input lag. This is a huge part of the reason why I originally wanted to take on only the art section. I've got no idea how to debug or fix those issues. :(


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