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SOS-CC Update Version 2.0: The Hospital Sneak Peak



Hey All,

Good news most of the artwork is almost done!!  That is the biggest hurdle for me in development and it’s almost nearing completion with that part.

I have already started testing Chapter 3.  I wanted to show you a sneak peak of this testing.  In the video below I am showing going from the Main Menu to Chapter 3 starting room.  Note none of the fancy transitions are in place as this is just a test bed.  Also the starting room is WIP as none of the objects are in place in the room.  From here I go through the open door to the next room.  This is also just a test room.

However this room is different than any other room in the game.  It is 4X as large as the normal rooms.  In this room I am showing you how the camera system works in the game.  The camera will follow Sarah as she walks through the room.  This opens up so many possibilities of gameplay that I am bringing to this chapter.  It will be awesome.

Also with this new camera system and large rooms I will be bringing one more game mode ARENA!!  Every game needs an arena so it’s only fitting for the 2.0 update.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peak and much more to come as development continues.

Thank you!

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