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Unreal Fifth Entry - November 10, 2018

Mikael Henriksson


Hello all!

This is the fifth entry of my development blog for my project 'Tracked Mind'.

Since last post I've been taking care of the system that controls how the Player character moves and how stamina effects movement, and of course some bugs that appeared while I implemented it :). The new version of the movement system will be able to keep a better track of the Player's stamina and different movement speed depending on the Player's stance etc. I am also creating the first draft of a couple of new maps.

I'm uploading a few new screenshots of the game, one of them shows one of the new maps, let me know what you think! 


Some changes this month:

- The movement system has been updated.

- New maps (first draft of them).

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug that would prevent reloading of the shotgun.

- Fixed a bug that caused the Player to be able to sprint even when stamina was at 0.


Thank you once again for reading!

/Mikael Henriksson





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Sounds like you've been productive! Are you working on this solo, or do you have team mates?

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8 hours ago, jbadams said:

Sounds like you've been productive! Are you working on this solo, or do you have team mates?

Thanks! I've been working on this myself so far, I'm talking to a writer to help out with the story, but other than that I've been doing this as a hobby project in my spare time :) 

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      Hello there,
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      Unlike most Platformers, TIRELESS removes any sort of combat or enemies, thus making the game's primary focus platforming. But platforming needs to be done right. TIRELESS takes platforming to the next level, offering a wide variety of levels and challenges for the player to discover.

      The game was designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard, but there is a full gamepad support for anyone who prefers a joystick.
      In every single level of the game there are slow motion events which are triggered automatically and really make for very cinematic and even more stunning moments in the game.
      There is a unique power up that plays a huge role in the game called the Adrenaline Box, 
      collecting it triggers the Bright, Fast, and Flashy Adrenaline Mode, giving you an insane boost of speed and increased jump height turning the game into a visually stunning spectacle.
      This mode is used throughout all levels of the game, and it is advised to take time and learn how to properly navigate in it.

      The game features some beautiful tunes, with each level having a special dedicated song.
      Featuring different styles of electronic music such as chill, melodic dubstep, hardstep etc.
      The game features fully voice acted characters such as Kyera, your guide to the game.

      As mentioned before, depending on the skill of the player, makes for how long it takes to beat levels in the game. After finishing each level, the player gets a reward based on time spent on that level, each level has a different "best time" based on its difficulty and length.
      After finishing a level you will be sent to a closed area called the Lobby. In the lobby you'll have access to all the levels and stages you've been to and can revisit them at any time. After finishing a level or stage, you'll be able to unlock the next one in the lobby.

      Customization is one of my favorite part in games, in TIRELESS, you can change colors of your character, along with the wings he's wearing. Other then that, there are also camera filters which change the overall color of the game to make it look different and offer a cool new experience to each level. It almost feels like you are in a completely different place.

      Try out the Free Downloadable TIRELESS DEMO Now!


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