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Frogger Challeng - Update #3

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This week I looked at having cars properly generated on one end of the level and destroyed on the other. And some adjustments so that I'll be able to tweak frequency and travel speed a little later on. It's hard coded at the moment still and I'm pretty sure it's not all tuned quite how I want it but it's ok while other development is going on.

On Wednesday I threw together a turtle sprite with diving and surfacing animations (not shown in video) and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The turtle almost feels as though it doesn't quite fit with the style of other graphics but I'm going to keep what I have. I started with a copy of the Car class for the turtle so I was able to get the turtle following tracks similar to what the cars do. But I realised that I don't have to set a track of data on all tiles, I just have to set it on corners where I want turns to occur which allows for paths to cross each other. Also, when I was distracted at one point, a turtle collided with the frog and killed it, following the car logic. I figured it might be a good feature to keep in the game. Even if the frog can jump onto the turtle's back, standing in the path of a turtle will kill the frog.

The video shows a frog starting off and crossing the street. Cars wait their turn at an invisible traffic light and proceed accordingly. I have one turtle walking on the ground in a clockwise square path and another in the water on a path that crosses over itself in a number of places and is near the shore in a few spots. Near the middle of the video, the frog gets in the way of the turtle on the ground. After that I quickly show a little tile debugging information that drive the directions actors are traveling.



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