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The autopsy of Crazy Chicken..



Just to start off with... I have this underlined fear that I've missed a part of the challenge that says "Must be a Frog" 🤣, But howdy!

I quite liked making this little game. I first thought that it was going to be well complicated to do and then I really thought about it and it was simply 'collision' and 'movement' really... (Just FYI this is done via Game Maker Studio but NOT drag & drop, actually coded -- Don't know if that matters) and so I began to crash cars into this small Chicken Icon.. and I did actually miss out on a detail from the challenge actually... 

"Must maneuver the character across obstacles, moving and stationary" -- I specifically missed the 'and' so I'd made a working version with 3 bits of road and cars going left n right, I'd messed with speed a bit to try and find a decent 'balance', I was thinking to myself about 'How would I do something like the logs from frogger?' and 'Its okay, I'll submit just with Cars and then try to do an update with a water area or something' so upon 'finishing' I reread everything as a checklist and realized that you actually need to have moving obstacles.. I thought it was over! lol

The water and boats bit wasn't too bad though once I started thinking about it. (I am now some super pro coder so there's probably much better methods that I am yet to learn) I've gone with the approach that IF the chicken is touching a water tile and NOT touching a boat, die. Kinda thing.. I first tried to add this in reverse as in, IF the water is touching the chicken and not a boat but it just wouldn't register, maybe because there's multiple water tiles or multiple boats or it just didn't want too but the chicken accepted it! And i'm really glad it did because genuinely last night I was actually lay awake for a bit thinking about the old frogger with logs... The boats I used are actually from a pirate pack from Kenney Assets and its like a 'bare' pirate ship.. I don't have mad skills with graphics and the challenge didn't mention having to draw so i went with it. I hope that's okay! I reckon I might need to slow down the boats a bit and maybe add more cars... but this is my nemesis right here... "Balance".

I'm trying to think about what went wrong and what went right, it kind of all went right at the moment.. I mean I don't think it was an overly complicated process and if you break it down into its core mechanics, Move, Collide, Die, then add Timer, Then add points and/or point conditions. I made it so if you have 15 seconds or more you 'get' 200 points, 10 seconds or more 100 points, else you get 50, The score doesn't really do anything or go anywhere but it works. I hope that meets the requirement for a score system and I don't actually use a score variable. I was thinking about just taking the remaining time and multiplying by 10 and then that is your score but I opted for the 3 set scores instead. I know how to do both I just chose the timed conditions (Which could also work with a point system and you use time conditions to give a 'bonus' either points equal to the value of remaining time or if you have 10 seconds left get 10 points etc etc... 

I don't really do the whole bloggy thing much so I end up just writing more words than are necessary and I'm not sorry :P nah kidding, Peace out! -- how do you end a blog though? lol


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Good work! I played your entry and I enjoyed the boat part!

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Looks like a great entry, and there's no need to worry - it doesn't have to be a frog! :)

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