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Project: Frogger

GameDev Challenge - Frogger - Part 4 (Final)



Hello everyone! :) 

This will be a final update for this little series! :D 

Sadly, I don't really have much time, so this will be super short.

Not really much happened this week. Since I don't really have any new ideas my goal is to complete this project this weekend.

For this week I finished updating the main menu and focused on finding and eliminating bugs. 

I am quite happy with the current gameplay and I have implemented all necessary elements for this challenge. I know the game does not look really beautiful, but I did not expect anything better from me. :D Currently I am only waiting for the feedback of my play tester. Afterwards I am ready to create and upload the final builds.

Since I don't really have much else do report enjoy some screenshots of the final game:

Main Menu:


Items are spawning randomly:


Peasons are patrolling the streets and rivers:


Next Goals

  • Create final builds for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Test and submit final builds :D 
  • Write a little post-mortem to reflect on this project

Thanks for reading and until the next project! :) 

- Znippy

Last Part:



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I'm looking forward to playing once you upload your final build. :) Nice work! Looks great too!

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19 hours ago, Rutin said:

I'm looking forward to playing once you upload your final build. :) Nice work! Looks great too!

Final build is uploaded now! :) 

Edited by Znippy

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Awesome! I posted on your thread in the challenge forum. Great work!

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