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Frogger Challenge - Update #4

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A bit late with this week's update. Last week was spent looking at trying to do some kind of scoring and also working on some changes to the way I have scrolling.

For scoring, I went with using a data field in the tiles to set how many points you get for landing on any given tile. Currently, road tiles are 25 points, tiles close to water are 1 point, and everything else is 0. This week, I think I need to work out some kind of high-score thing as well as level progression, lives, and a game over screen. Maybe some kind of improvement to the main menu I have. A few more levels would be a good idea too. I did want to add in another enemy and maybe some logs but I'm a bit concerned about time at this point.

I've had complaints in other projects about the way I had scrolling so I've been spending time looking at that. I had it such that you had to approach closer to the edge of the screen before you could see what's on ahead. Which may be fine for the project that it originated in but is rather annoying in anything with an arcade kind of feel to it. I've got a much nicer smoother scroll now. While looking at this improvement, I found that the code doesn't quite do what I was expecting in general so this is an area that I'll be needing to revisit at some point in other projects.

It's good to see the submissions that are coming in from everybody so far. I know there's still quite a few days left but I have to admit I'm starting to wonder if I'm further behind than I realize. 



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