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BIZARRE Sprint 31 plus Sprint 32



Sorry, we're late. We had to keep the house!

Sprint 30 and Sprint 31 is done and we managed a lot.

The preparations for the new Gameplay Video are almost finished.

For example, we textured a lot of objects for Clearwater's home, but also for his grown-up world-outside.

We modelled and textured tons of furniture, books, trees and stuff. The game environment gets bigger and bigger.
Houses get built, streets arise, a city is developing.

Furthermore, we improved Clearwater's video sequence animations. We did this in several steps. We split the tests in three phases. The first, second and the last revision (still open).

We roughly tested Clearwater's appearance, movement and behavior in the first phase,
we improved and refined all video relevant animations more precisely during the second one,
but in the last revision, planned for Sprint 32, we want to check all vertices, all envelopes, all angles and bones in the closest view possible.

All sequences must look perfectly for the new Gameplay Video.

Okay. What else?
We shot a cool full-body 4k pic of Clearwater.

I continued writing the book BIZARRE Episode I. Really!

I wrote all bizarre dreams unless one. I mean, dream no. 13 implicates the end of the story and is already known, for me.

Dream no. 12 is still unwritten. Hopefully, I finish writing the book until New Year's Day! After the completion of the book, I'll read it again.

In case I still like what I have written, the book gets edited. I'll publish the book asap and only in German, unfortunately. At least for now.

When the book is published, all #WORDSproductions team members will read it to decide which parts of the book get realized in the game.

Our plans for the current Sprint 32:

  • We want to texture all unfinished objects inside and outside Clearwater's apartment, i.e. the kitchen objects, the park objects, etc.
  • I want to continue writing the book BIZARRE Episode I, dream no. 12 and 13 hopefully
  • We want to work on Clearwater's shooting-behavior till perfection
  • We want to perfect Clearwater's video sequence animations in the last revision phase, we want to perfect Clearwater's appearance
  • We want to model more decorative objects for the apartement till completion

It is indeed possible that the new Gameplay Video gets published this year, but sure, we can't promise anything, cuz Bugs are after us, u know!

That's it. Enjoy the Christmas time (by playing insanely video games!)


Sprint 31.png


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