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Frogger GameDev Challenge - Part 10 - Post Mortem



Thankfully I was able to complete the challenge, and as rough as the game might be and look, I'm glad I finished it.

Foremost I want to thank GameDev.net for even having these challenges! Even though I'm a bit of a last minute contender, I really do enjoy pushing myself to finish these projects.

I want to give a special thanks to @lawnjelly for being the very reason I even bothered to try out Unity for the first time, and most of all for providing free assets to use which saved me! I wouldn't have been able to complete the entry on time otherwise.

Thank you to all those that followed my progress too! I also enjoyed following all your entries as well. :)


What went right:

1. I would have to say using Unity turned out to be a great choice for this project. I normally will use my own engine, or just code from scratch using a library for challenges. I used this challenge as an opportunity to learn the Unity Engine, and it was very successful. I found it extremely easy to jump in and code my own scripts for the various parts of the game. I had to get used to the editor and how things are handled, but it all worked out in the end.

2. My game plan was very successful. With the limited time I had by planning out everything ahead of time allowed me to push through this project a fast space.

3. Templating everything worked amazing... I was able to stream-line every aspect of this game and because of how I setup the rows I could do min-max for distances, speed, variations in spawns, ect... but I didn't implement these features in the final release even though the capability is already there.

4. @lawnjelly's asset pack helped me complete this project. I normally set out to do everything myself graphic wise, but I ran into pitfalls both in terms of motivation and work related things. I only was able to create three assets, but by using his asset pack I was able to finish up the rest of the areas, and ultimately completed the challenge.

5. Building the full project took less than 15 seconds to complete. I was surprised how fast my builds happened. :) 

What went wrong:

1. Motivation would've been the biggest issue I had... No idea... Maybe I just wasn't feeling the project but anytime I had free time the last thing I wanted to do was work on the project. Thankfully since I committed to finishing this project I forced myself to pull through in the end anyhow. :) 

2. Work... October and November turned out to be the most profitable month my company had in 2018, and I was busy working on several cases. This didn't leave me with as much free time, but with my motivation issue this wasn't a good combo!

3. Visual Studio debugger kept crashing my Unity... Not sure why but it was getting extremely annoying when attaching.

4. Unity wouldn't sync properly with Visual Studio on several occasions causing me to reload everything when trying to work in code with my scripts.

5. I wasn't able to create all the graphics and at the quality I wanted..

6. Environment textures turned out very mediocre due to me rushing and using a sloppy method to generate these as PBR materials from pictures. The water could've been done a lot better and with motion, but again not time... :( Would've made way better textures from scratch.








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Nice post mortem Sir Rutin! Good read ^_^y I only have a pocket full of english blogging, but I will try to make one or not : - D

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hahaha, what went wrong #2.  Just too darn profitable, didn't have much time to devote to my hobbies, oh the challenges. 😄

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20 hours ago, Awoken said:

hahaha, what went wrong #2.  Just too darn profitable, didn't have much time to devote to my hobbies, oh the challenges. 😄

1st World problems.... :D I just don't like to say I'm going to do something and not finish it... but my "grown up" responsibilities take priority sadly.... :| I'm glad I still managed to finish. :) 

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