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The Great Tribes Devblog #32



Hello dears!

It's been a month and a half since my last diary, a huge amount of work has been done during this time. So that was my task sheet, without considering the tasks that I perform on in-game mechanics:


All tasks were performed not in the order in which they were located in the list, and there are no small tasks that had to be solved along the way. Many of the tasks did not concern my participation, such as Alex slowly changed to buildings:






Work on selection of color registration of a terrane:



The option that we have chosen to date will show a little below.

The first thing I had the task of implementing shadows from objects on the map and the first attempts to implement through Shadow map gave this result:


And after a short torment managed to get this result:



Next, the task was to correct the water, pick up her good textures, coefficients and variables for better display, it was necessary to make the glare on the water:







At the same time, our small team joined another Modeler who made us a new unit:


The model was with a speculator card, but the support of this material was not in my engine. I had to spend time on the implementation of special map support. In parallel with this task it was necessary to finish lighting at last.




All as they say, clinging to one another, had to introduce support for the influence of shadows on the speculator:


And to make adjustable light source to check everything and everything:


As you can see now there is a panel where you can control the position of the light source. But that was not all, had to set an additional light source simulating reflected light to get a more realistic speculator from the shadow side, it is tied to the camera position. As you can see the armor is gleaming from the shadow side:


Wow how many were killed of free time on the animation of this character, the exact import of the animation. But now everything works fine! Soon I will record a video of the gameplay.

Meanwhile, Alexei rolled out a new model of the mine:



To make such a screenshot with the approach of the mine had to untie the camera, which made it possible to enjoy the views:



In the process of working on the construction of cities, a mechanism for expanding the administrative zone of the city was implemented, in the screenshot it is indicated in white:


I hope you read our previous diary on the implementation of visualization system for urban areas:





As you may have noticed in the last screenshot, the shadows are better than before. I have made an error in the calculation of shadows and that the shadows behind the smallest of objects and get the feeling that they hang in the air, now the shadow falls feel more natural.

The map generator was slightly modified, the hills were tweaked, made them smoother. There were glaciers on land, if it is close to the poles:



A lot of work has been done to optimize the display of graphics, rewritten shaders places eliminating weaknesses. Optimized the mechanism of storage and rendering of visible tiles, which gave a significant increase and stable FPS on weak computers. Made smooth movement and rotation of the camera, completely eliminating previously visible jerks.

This is not a complete list of all solved problems, I just do not remember everything :)

Plans for the near future:

- The interface is very large we have a problem with him and really need the help of specialists in this matter.
- The implementation of the clashes of armies.
- The implementation of urban growth, I have not completed this mechanism.
- Implementation of the first beginnings of AI, maneuvering the army and decision-making and reaction to the clash of enemy armies.
- The implementation of the mechanism storage conditions of the relationship of AI to the enemies, diplomacy.
- AI cities.

Thank you for your attention!
Join our group in FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thegreattribes/


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2 hours ago, Awoken said:

When will you have a demo available?

We plan to release alpha version in April 2019

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