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Project: Astroworks

Astroworks Devlog #1




Devlog #1 - Beginning

6th of December 2018

Really A Studio
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Who are we

Really A Studio (RAS) is an independent game development team. RAS was founded on the 30th of October 2018 as a bootstrap startup with the goal of creating innovative, quality video games. Our incredible team consists of passionate designers, artists, 3D technologists, sound engineers, and content producers from all around the globe working together to create great games. Our first and current project is Astroworks, a singleplayer sci-fi action game set to release in 2019Q1.




Astroworks is a story-driven 3d arcade space combat action game. Fight against a galactic megacorporation turned evil with multiple spaceship choices, heaps of weapons and abilities, featuring tons of explosions! Embark on challenging missions which include fighting against swarms of enemy battle drones, blowing up enemy capital ships, sabotaging factories, spaceship races and more!

Today’s topics: Backstory & the main villain: The Crimson Duke



Astroworks is a galactic megacorporation. It has monopoly status over several markets. It has a severe problem with logistics, because it overexpanded and the speed of travelling between star systems takes a long time and the resource for powering their spaceships are way too expensive.

On a small colonial planet called Thars, a new material called filinium (pronounced fiLInium) is discovered in the asteroid belt orbiting it which soon gets used as the fuel for local spaceships and it proves to be extremely effective and also makes the ships move at a much faster speed.

Stories about this new miracle fuel starts spreading in the galaxy like wildfire, and the residents of Thars make a nice living out of trading their filinium. Thars has been a scarcely inhabited planet for a long time with only a few small sized colonies scattered across its surface. But now after the discovery, its population started growing and cities started to sprawl. In one of the bigger cities The Azure Ghosts forms, an underground criminal gang with a purpose to raid the trade routes around the planets orbit. Soon enough they start to construct an in-orbit headquarters for themselves, manned with small, weaponized spaceships. Thanks to this they are able to create a nice pirate infrastructure. The Azure Ghosts becomes a formidable foe for any peaceful merchant who wishes to make a profit on filinium.

Meanwhile, Astroworks is taken over by an ambitious new leader called The Crimson Duke. He thinks that filinium would make Astroworks the sole biggest power in the galaxy, only if they could get their hands on it. So he decides to rebrand Astroworks to his likings and he sets out to take Thars and all its filinium, no matter the cost.

The Crimson Duke

tcd_sketchbw.png(early sketches)


The Crimson Duke has a charming and calculating personality. He will use anything within his power to make others work for him. He sees others as mere toys and tools. If anyone refuses his offers, The Crimson Duke will quickly “deal” with them.

There are lots of rumours about The Crimson Duke’s deeds. Although he usually tries to make allies with the people he meets as long as they prove useful in any way. This makes most people believe that he is an amiable person. However, when they get to see his true self it’s probably already too late.

Back Story


The Crimson family has controlled the Astroworks megacorporation for more than 50 years. Since childhood, The Crimson Duke’s father was teaching him only one thing thoroughly: “Impose your will on others. It’s the best way to achieve more power.” The words of his father became a lifetime credo for the young Duke.

After reaching adulthood, The Crimson Duke started working with his father to usurp the leading role of Astroworks from his uncle. Using any methods necessary, together they persuaded others to work for them or eliminated those who became a threat. If someone proved to be too powerful for a simple elimination, they formed a temporary alliance with friends of their enemies… waiting for the moment when they could “satisfyingly” end it. The continuous blood baths and assassinations along with the fact that The Crimson Duke usually wore red clothes resulted in his nickname. A nickname that he likes because it sparks terror in his enemies.

When his father was finally appointed as leader of Astroworks, The Crimson Duke only needed to take care of one last thing. With a proud look on his face, his father didn’t resist when The Crimson Duke sliced his throat with a dagger. With full control over Astroworks, The Crimson Duke started its military appropriation for resources and expansion while causing destruction all over the galaxy.

Now, The Crimson Duke has set his eyes on a promising new resource: filinium. If he achieves control over its production, Astroworks will finally be the greatest megacorporation in the galaxy. And The Crimson Duke believes that he will fulfill his objective to be the most powerful man, so powerful that nobody will ever be able to oppose him.

The Crimson Duke’s capital ship: Narrator

cap_ship_1.png(clay model of the capital ship)

command_cap.png(clay model of the command pod detached from the capital ship)


As the perfect representation of Astroworks’ power, the capital ship Narrator is enormous and has an incredibly high firepower potential. Thanks to its defensive structures no enemy spaceships dare to get close, and thanks to its energy shield it is impossible to damage it from further away. On top of these impregnable defenses the capital ship is able to launch devastating laser beams which obliterate anything caught in its path.


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