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Sling Bot Boarding Dev Day 6, Scoring!



I've got a few more features to cram in here before I put out another toy build, but here's what I got going today:

Scoring System: points are accumulated for Air Time, and rotations(tricks) that are performed while in the air(right now, just turning and flipping).  A combination multiplier is calculated each physics frame to determine if multiple rotations are being executed simultaneously(rotate & flip), this will double that frames point value, if the player velocity also exceeds 150km/h it will triple that frames value.

In the screenshot below you can see the new Records section, this holds your current high speed, your longest air time(distance) measurement, and your highest single combo score.

My next toy build will include a replay button for each of these record items so you can revel in your own robot glory!!

The total score on the right will be more important for running courses and racing, which I have yet to begin on.. ;)


Even More Camera Improvements:  I was still unhappy with the camera follow as of toy build 3, so I played with the rotation Lerp speed, in toy build 3 the camera's movement and rotation Lerp speed modifiers are the same.  I've cut the camera rotation Lerp speed in half now and it does a much better job of keeping the player centralized in the view.  Don't really have a screenshot for that though.. ;)

 Lets see... Oh YES!!  Glitter!  Hahaha, I dunno if it will stay like this exactly...  But it's pretty fun.


Now when ever there are points being accumulated you get a visual signal in the from of red and green glitter shooting from the ends of your board. ;)


These are just cubes I colored to use as placeholders for something nicer, but I almost like them just as they are...


The more combinations you do the more glitter you get. ;)

It makes a nice visual feedback for the player, at least I think so.

That's all for today,

Happy coding everybody!





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I'd probably give it about 12 more hours..  Got a few things to do today.  haha ;)


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