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And so it begins.....



Well.. the place to start is at the beginning, yet I have started this blog about a week into my new hobby. So unfortunately this blog will be missing the initial steps of my own personal development. Yet I guess it is close enough.

I have mapped my short term goals into a few early milestones.

  • Learn the Basics of C#
  • Create a console text adventure game to practice what I learned
  • Learn the Basics of Unity
  • Rebuild my text adventure into a Unity Project.

These are my initial milestones. not exactly mold breaking in originality but I am a relatively pragmatic type of person and feel small steps is the way to go. For me, I think the best way to learn something complex is to learn by doing smaller, less complex things inside the same topic.

To that end I have purchased a book called The C# Players Guide. My time over the next few weeks will working though this book and then taking what I know into my first "real world" project. A Text Adventure Game. I am finding the book to be pretty interesting and easy to read. Though sometimes it feels like it is giving only a very cursory overview of things, leaving the reader to use google or a website like GameDev.net to gain further insight. I may look towards a more complicated book after this. I have read that C# In Depth is a good book to follow up from the Players Guide.

Anyway, Up, up, up the ziggurat, lickety-split!

-- A4F

As I said I have already started on The C# Players Guide . Here are the previous exercises I have worked through.



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