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Great stuff. :)  Are you going to add in a feature that if you land sideways your robot does a wipeout and re-spawns? You could point a point-loss system for failed tricks. :) 

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I have a ragdoll setup...  I've just not quite figured out where to throw em in... ;)

I've been working on the recorded courses and they could totally use it when you get too far off course/etc..  So, as soon as I figure out a reliable/cheap way to determine that.  lol!

Without giving the player even more finite control over the attitude I'm finding it really hard to draw a line on the "failure" of a trick...

The more I think about it, I think I'm mostly going to reserve the ragdoll action for hard collisions...  Of which I expect there to be a great many.  :D


So, that's what it became.. .   It empties out onto a glass plane, 100mX100m, from there..  I'm not sure yet.  haha

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