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Dev Log #1




Its been little over a week since I started this project. So far I have setup the Bitbucket and sprint on Trello and Ollert so my planning and version control seems solid. Aside from that I have finished some other things I will list down. So far it seems I am ahead of track despite my bumpy progress, currently no lines of code have been written but that is high on the todo.

Splash Screen

This was really tricky not being an artist myself I had go to search for ready made templates I could use all sites I found usually charge a registration fee which for the scope of the current project seemed too high maybe some other time. So I did the next best thing loaded up Gimp watched a few youtube tutorials got some fancy text going added a bit of highlight and I have a splash screen logo ....is it as good as the templates found on other sites not by a long shot but it will do.


Loading Screen

To do this I had to first get a UI kit from the unity asset store I found I nice old school themed one which I think works well for that I have planned. The loading screen main purpose is really just to wait for the main scene to load initially I was planning on having it load individual assets but in hind sight those will load too fast for the loading screen to be of any use given the scope of the game but who knows the future may prove me wrong and I might still do this. So far the loading screen will mostly be a fake one going from 1-90 then stopping to wait till everything is loaded then moving to a 100% that is if everything hasent already loaded in which case it will fill directly to 100.


Main Menu

Initially I was planning on implementing the main menu but if I want to have a transparent main menu with game running in the background but without the player character present. So I have pushed the main menu implementation to the last since I need to get the basic game play done first. The UI however is done and setup the buttons will not be mouse clickable and instead will use arrows keys to select them and action to trigger.




For the next dev log I should have the FSM and loading and building asset bundles ready that should be more code heavy while this one was image heavy.


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