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the world where i don't belong, chapter 1 Ambitions



(This is only the beginning of the book 'The world where i don't belong' . Expect typos, plot holes, odd subplots and the occassionally wrongly named character, especially minor characters. It is made public only to give people a rough idea of how the final story will look)


Chapter 1 Ambitions

One day a family found me in a wrecked carrage. There was blood and scraps all around the carrage. They told me that they found me, a human infant, in the cart unharmed, for some unkown reason. As my infant self was crying out for help, they noticed that i had an unusual item ( a watch) and a mysterious mark on my chest. The mark had 5 dots in the center and 2 feathers surounding it, one being upside down, while the other standing straight. Above that was some kind of letter, that no one was able to read. They graciously took me in out of pity, so i didn’t have to live all alone in solitude. I spent several years together with that family, it was nice as they made me feel at peace with my self. But one night my family was wrongly accused for doing something that they haven’t done. Because of that, knights had argue with my familiy to find a reason for this treason, but the knights didn’t dare to listen.

As the knights were about to harm us, everything went dark i was so scared, i cried for help, beging someone to answer my crying pleas. But in the end no one answerd, the thought of me being left alone, scared and defensless, made me terrified.

Just when i was about to lose all hope, a terribal pain in my chest appeared. It felt like something was coming out from me, i looked at my chest and saw that one of the dots strated to shine. With that my vision became white, as if some kind of explosion had happend. After the ‘‘explosion’’ i started to regain my vision. But the sight i saw was something i wish i had never seen. Everywhere there were dead bodies around me one of my families and the other of the knights. As i looked around i saw that that my mother was pierced with a wooden stick and my fathers eyes had exploded. But the most teriffiying of them all were the knights, their bodies squished by the metal. All around me ther was a pool of blood, as i looked at my hand i saw blood in my hand, fearing myself and the treasion i committed, i ran. As i ran i started to think was this the reason why i was found in a broken carrage? To this day, i still don’t know the real answer. Months had past as i lived in poverty, i noticed a poster that stated, they were recruting new knight trainees. I thought to myself, that this could feed me and repay the blood i shed. But first i had to get in the academy. Once i became an adult, with my training completed, they alowed me to enter real battles. The fights were gruesome, but for some reason i was no longer afected by that anymore. I had many battles against the demons. It seemed that i didn’t care for life anymore, as long as i had the chance to slaughter anything, i didn’t have to think about the difficulties of life. But i couldn’t call that living. The battles were mostly easy as they couldn’t, even, come close to damage me. In one fight against the demon army, i decided that i’d try to find something to live by, as long as it gave my life meaning- i didn’t care. It could have been to find the real reason for that mark on my chest or that mysterious item. In the end, all i could think about what i should srtive for, was about what i should live for, lamely enough that’s what i decide. I also have no idea why i didn’t care for my comrads anymore, it looked like i had no empathy left...

At the end of the battle, I lost and was taken captive, wearing tatered clothes, the demons wanted to execute me, to taunt the human nations. Alltough that wasn’t realy civilized, i had thought that they would be more barbaric, but they weren’t. In the academy, they made it seem like, that they were like ruthles brutes with no knowledge of proper etiquette. That was clearly proven wrong in that situation. They weren’t hostile at all, unlike humans who ruthlesly killed them, tourtered them and made them slaves, they even killed them if they couldn’t move, because of those injuries.

As they made their way to execute me, i felt like i could finnaly rest in peace. I wouldn’t have to think about how to fit in with the humans. In the end that wasn’t the case as they tried to stab me, they failed. They tried and tried again without succsess, when they lost all hope they called their general, who also tried to excecute me, but all efforts were in vain. It looked like the demons couldn’t damage me, no mater what! All of the demons were left speachless, for a situation like that hasn’t ever happend to them. The demons who had no idea what was the cause of this, they asked me, if i knew what might be the reason. I answered ‘’Curses! i don’t know, i’ve had too many unusual thing happen to me in my life! If i knew i wouldn’t even bother talking to you! Curse this rotten mark!’’ As i cursed the mark, the demon general asked me ‘’what mark?’’. It seemed like he hadn’t noticed it, so i said ‘’ the mark on my chest’’. The general thought that that was a magical rune, but wasn’t sure. The general decided to send me to his superiors, this happend until i was send to the demon lord himself. I was confronted by the thing i had sought to defeat, in order to survive. Even tough that was the case he didn’t treat me likes some lowly being, instead he decided to give me an offer. I could feel that depending on my answer it would change my fate. He offered me to join his ranks, if i didn’t like my own kind. In astonishment i was baffeled, for someon of such high stature to offer such a deal. In haste i answered ‘’ i would be hounerd to serve under you!’’. With that we arvie at the present and because of that moment my story had started, with no turning back!

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Interesting... uhm, not sure how to say this, but.... did you copy most of my disclaimer? :o

I mean, you can have it, it's just a disclaimer, no hard feelings. Just feels very deja vu....!

Good luck with the story!



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