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PSD Template for Blog Banner / Thumbnails




I like blogging and generally assuming people are listening to me... but I also like things to look cool. I wanted a quick and easy way to make Banner Images for my new GameDev.Net Blog... so I created a PSD Template for that. Basically there are two safe frames... One is for Thumbnail and the other is for Banner. Just make sure your final image looks good with both those layers turned on and you are fine!. There is also a hidden layer called "copy". This is just a simple way to save a selection set. Ctrl+Click on it to select the actual area you need to save an upload.

  • Load up PSD
  • Paste in your Art under the BANNER SAFE and THUMBNAIL SAFE layer.... then scale and arrange it to look cool
  • Turn on the THUMBNAIL SAFE layer to see how it looks as a thumbnail.
  • Turn off the THUMBNAIL SAFE layer
  • Hold Ctrl+Click on the COPY layer tp set the correct selection.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+C (copy all)
  • CTRL+N (New Document)
  • CTRL+S (Save)

Hope you like it!



Download the PSD from my Google Drive

Download the PSD


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