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Unity + WebGL + PlayFab + Kongregate = :D



It can be done.. I got PlayFab leader-boards WORKING!!!

heh, it's past 2am..

In spite of my trouble yesterday, I decided to give it another go and somehow it all just worked.  I think I got ahead of myself yesterday and just wrote too much code in one sitting without running it.  I can see that becoming a temptation for me while dealing with the much longer build times for WebGL..

I also have the numbers synchronizing between PlayFab and Kongregate..  And by that I mean whenever I retrieve the stats from PlayFab, I update Kongregate to reflect those statistics.  So I have all the numbers in a system I can manage. ;)

And now when you click the little score podium on the top right, you get a nifty overlay showing you your all-time best stats.  I'll add numbers for the current positions of your top scores on the leader boards and whatnot.  But first.. sleeping.. If this is not your sleeping time though, please, give it a whirl. ;)   Link Below.


Game Link:

V 0.1.8: PlayFab integration is functional.  Some minor improvements/fixes to how airtime is recorded, I was seeing unreasonably high numbers before.  I think that's under control now.  


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Working late I see, as always haha! :D I'll be toying around more today. :) 

I'll make an account on there later so I can submit scores.

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Glad you are enjoying it, I added some particle effects to the board to create a snow spray/trail effect, it's a lot less visible than I thought it would be for some reason.. Think I was staring at it too much while testing it and ended up with more transparency than I wanted.. we'll see I will probably tweak it more.  Also added some flashy "New Record!" text when you break a record.  Right now I'm working on the first incarnation of the NPC. :D


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